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                                        OUR CHURCH ACTIVITIES WEEKLY
Mon-Fri           Morning & Evening Prayer                 (6.00am & 6.00pm)
Tue                 Bible Study                                        (5.30pm)
Thur                 Revival Prayer Meeting                     (5.30pm)
Fri                    Evangelism                                          (4.00pm)
                        Vigil Prayer                                         (12 midnight)
Sat                  Choir Rehearsal                                  (4.00pm)
                        Sunday school Preview                      (5.00pm)
Sun                  Workers’ Fellowship/Sunday School   (7.30am/8.15am)
                        Worship Service                                   (9.15am)
                        Choir Rehearsal                                  (After worship)
                        Discipleship & Leadership Schools      (Sunday; 4pm)
                        Evangelism/Visitation/Fellowship       (Sundays; 5pm)


Women Fellowship                 1st & 3rd Wed             (5.00pm)
Men Fellowship                       3rd Sunday                 (After worship)
Hospital Outreach                   2nd & 4th Sun             (4.00pm)


Prophetic Night (Erio Ekiti)      1st Friday                    (Vigil)
Ministers Council                     2nd Saturday             (6.00pm)
Church Council                        3rd Saturday              (6.00pm)
Workers General Meeting        4th Saturday              (6.00pm)
Youth Fellowship                      2nd Sunday               (After worship)
Holy Ghost Deliverance          Last wed-Sun             (Day & Night)


                              BI- MONTHLY ACTIVITIES     
Lord’s Supper                          3rd Sunday                 (5.00pm)
Ministers’ Fellowship               3rd Sunday                 (3.00pm)


                                   QUARTERLY ACTIVITIES
Special Outreach                    (TBA by the Evangelism Unit)
In-door Crusades                    Last week (starting from March)


                                  OCCASIONAL ACTIVITIES
Special Lectures & Seminars                          (5th Sunday @ 5.00pm)


                                     BI ANNUAL ACTIVITIES
Endtime Revival Networks’ Congress            (March and October @ Erio Ekiti)



                                     ANNUAL ACTIVITIES
New Year Thanksgiving & Love Feast          Sunday following the New Year
40-Day Renewal Prayer & Fasting               Lenten Period
Easter Retreat                                               (Easter Period)
Christmas Retreat                                          (Christmas Period)
Church Thanksgiving Service                         2nd Sunday in December
Choir Service of Songs                                    (3rd Sunday in December)
Annual Ministers’ Retreat                                 (December ending)